How to check your financial standing? – Repayment of Loans

Your credit history is a picture of all your financial obligations. It is 100% reliable – information to financial standing is provided by banks and credit unions. It can be good, bad or you may not have it at all.

Lack of credit history can significantly impede obtaining a loan. That is why it is worth showing banks that we are able to pay installments on time and have finances responsibly. So let’s start with a credit card, for example, to positively build your path to getting a loan.

The Good Finance Investment reports that 90% of the data collected in its database presents timely repayment of loan installments.

The remaining 10% of Poles do not belong to reliable borrowers – they are in arrears with repayment of their obligations or pay installments late. And which group do you belong to?

Credit History

Credit History

For your credit history to be attractive to the bank, it must have the right number of scoring points. This is information for banks about the degree of risk they take on by lending you funds.

Customers can see it in the form of stars – from 1 to 5, and banks in points – up to 631. Factors affecting their number are primarily timely repayments and the number of loans. What matters is not only the loans you take out or the installment purchases, but also all guarantees.

A positive credit history is one of the factors that affects the bank’s consent to grant a loan. The current personal and professional situation, income, number of persons in the household as well as credit activity and creditworthiness are also taken into account.

Data in financial standing


The story presented in financial standing is the main source of customer credibility for banks. It contains information about delays in repayment of the debt or any other episodes that may affect the negative credit decision of the bank.

We may be unaware of some of them or they may simply be wrong. That is why their verification is so important, especially in the case of people who quite actively use credit cards, installment purchases or have many outstanding loans on their necks.

Who can check?


The Act on financial standing specifies that access to data contained in the Good Finance Investment shall be granted to authorized institutions and consumers themselves – provided they check their data.

Article 105 para. 4 of the Banking Law says that information about loans being repaid is processed by banks and financial standing without the consent of the client.

This is justified by the need to assess his creditworthiness and credit risk analysis. Not only banks and credit unions that cooperate with financial standing have such a right.

They are also owned by courts and prosecutor’s office and the borrower himself. Everyone can only check their data because information about third parties is protected by banking secrecy. In such cases, notary authorization is required.

How to check?


There are several options for checking your financial standing report. They can do it online at, in person at the financial standing branch in Warsaw or via post or bank.

One way is to set up an account on the financial standing website. After registering at, select an account and confirm your identity – scan or send a photo of your ID card or sign a document with a qualified electronic signature.

You can also choose the slowest verification method, i.e. a registered letter with a return receipt. You will receive a code that you will have to enter in the appropriate field.

Customers can choose from three types of accounts: Trial, Basic and Premium. The first one is completely free and gives you the opportunity to use the full version for 60 days for free.

The Basic Account allows you to check and download the financial standing report free of charge with details of all credit obligations. An additional charge is, however, subject to checking the Plus Credit Profile (USD 36), financial standing Pass (USD 23) and receiving financial standing Alerts (USD 19). Premium account, paid 79 USD / year, allows you to use all these options – generate 12 reports and 3 financial standing Pass certificates.

It is worth getting acquainted with the data appearing in the Good Finance Investment.

Usually, in the world, there may be errors in them that can be an obstacle to taking out a loan and which need to be clarified and corrected as soon as possible. It is worth being credible to the bank and ensuring that your credit history is positive.

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